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Cognitive Programming, Social Conditioning and Geoengineering

from ZenGardner:

Here’s a perfect example of the old “talk as if it’s an idea for the future to soften public acceptance of an already ongoing program” ploy. We’re seeing more and more of this pre/post cognitive programming technique used in the geoengineering field as more and more are becoming aware of this insanity. They also use this technique regarding genetic manipulation, transhumanism, “smart” EMF technology and a host of other ongoing destructive control mechanisms perpetrated in the name of “scientific progress”, “saving the planet” and “ease of living”.

This is exactly what I said on my latest Rense interview; they run it up the flag pole to check on public reaction, soften up their target population, and give the impression their program has been publicly questioned so when it is deployed (or already has been deployed) the sleeple will assume it passed muster of the scientific and social critics. Pure cognitive dissonance manipulation and social and mental engineering and control.

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3 comments to Cognitive Programming, Social Conditioning and Geoengineering

  • anon

    I can’t help but think, that since the NSA and other agencies (CIA, FBI, local police) are so busily spying on Americans, and collecting everything that AMERICANS are saying, writing, posting on the Internet – that MANY people WITHIN the Government, and also within the Media (MSM), as well as Hollywood, and in Corporate America – would simply HAVE TO BE WAKING UP, as a result. I mean, no one wants to be a “mark”, or dupe, or GOY, right? BIG THINGS ARE HAPPENING! Economic collapse, protests, etc. So, they’d have to EDUCATE THEMSELVES IF they were not top-level “insiders” to begin with. We (99.99% of humanity) MAY have MANY more allies at or near the levers of control of this roller-coaster ride (really, juggernaut) to Hell, and Luciferianism, than we know. Just a thought.

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