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Bo Polny – Are Precious Metals Getting Ready To Go Parabolic?


Bo Polny of Gold2020Forecast is a student of cycles.

Based upon his observations during our interview on election day in November 2014, he predicted that a major precious metals rally was starting that day. While his timing was off by perhaps 48 hours at most, his call has been on the money.

Listen to Bo’s follow-up on where markets are heading. You’ll be happy to know that all your stacking was not in vain. Quite the contrary, the big move is almost upon us!

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4 comments to Bo Polny – Are Precious Metals Getting Ready To Go Parabolic?

  • Troy

    I think they may start to rise again….maybe another 2010-2011 style run.

    • Eric

      Lookin that way Troy. I might have to order some of those 2015 SBSS sheep of the years soon from the doc. Then I’m probably done for a while. Could use an air compressor and a big berkey pro pur but those can wait. I couldn’t find much to my liking except those and the new koalas from the Perth mint but they’re a little pricey. And then there are always eagles…blah. Maybe best to mix it up a little.

      Keep stacking guys. It’s still cheap. I remember that run. I just laughed every day with the only other stacker I knew at the time. 🙂

  • JMiller

    Bo Polny calls have not been on the money. He stated last year that gold was going to $2000 by the end of the year. Not may be going to $2000 but was going to $2000. He like Harvey Organ were wrong.

    For a good laugh, listen to this Bo Polny interview (segment 6) of the Korelin Weekend Report. He sounded very unstable like he was on drugs, especially starting after about one-third in.

  • andrew james

    What ever. I’m ready for a breakout. I’m ready to duke it out at these prices until the cows come home.

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