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Again, Bloomberg Questions Whether Historical Shifts Have Doomed Investors’ Appreciation of Gold

by Anthony Wile, The Daily Bell:

The Rise and Fall of Gold … King Midas lusted after it. The Incas worshipped it. Shiny flakes of it set off a 19th-century rush to California and ship captains never stop looking for it at the bottom of the sea. While gold has ignited passions for centuries, for today’s investors, it seems, the metal has been losing its allure. After surging sevenfold during a 12-year bull market — a run matched by only a handful of assets, including U.S. Treasuries and stamps — investors sold it wildly in 2013. Another drop last year marked the first back-to-back yearly declines in 14 years. Is the epic boom and bust in gold just another market cycle or is it a change in human appetites? – Bloomberg

Dominant Social Theme: Have people fundamentally fallen out-of-love with the yellow metal?

Free-Market Analysis: This is not so much an analysis of gold as one of Bloomberg’s regular negative assessments of the yellow metal’s future. Bloomberg, as a media product, supports the agenda of major Western investment banks and central banks. There is not a lot of affection among these facilities for gold-as-money or even gold as a store of value.

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