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from Dollar Vigilante:

What is your earliest memory of your own personal “counter culture” thought?

RV: I remember being in the 4th or 5th grade. There was a cigarette tax increase on the ballot in California. It was being promoted as a way to fund the schools. Initially I was in favor of the tax increase since I was a student in the school, but an adult with some common sense pointed out to me that just because someone chooses to smoke, doesn’t mean that they should have to pay more in taxes than people who don’t smoke. That was a real shifting point in my view of the world.

What has led you to make investments in many of the companies you are currently invested in?

RV: I started investing in Bitcoin and Bitcoin related startups because I am excited by the ways it will strip away government’s ability to control peaceful people. Many people are discussing how governments will regulate Bitcoin. They don’t seem to realize that in the end, Bitcoin will regulate governments, not the other way around.

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