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(United Eurasia, Pt. 2): The Powerful Organization that No One’s Talking About

The Real Founding Power Behind the BRICS

from The Wealth Watchman:

The BRICS, as we’ve already discussed elsewhere, were formed as a response to Western financial fraud and malfeasance. It’s greatest purpose is to give the East a real shot at things like trade, security measures, and economic cooperation, all in within a venue that they, not Washington, would control.

They’ve come a long way in a short space of time, it’s true, but they’re the new kid on the block.  In fact, they weren’t even brainstormed as a serious idea, until September of 2006!  Their first official meeting, minus South Africa, wasn’t even held until 2009.

However, there was another organization, which came before the BRICS, which is even more influential than they in some ways!  One whose founders birthed the idea for an overtly pro-emerging market organization, just like the BRICS in the first place.

That organization, which nearly no one is talking about, is called the “Shanghai Cooperation Organisation”(SCO).

I’m sorry Watchman, but who on earth is that?

Ya see?  I told you that nearly no one is talking about it!

Let me introduce you to the most powerful organization today, that almost no one has heard of, but soon will!

The History Behind its Founding

First of all, the SCO was established a good deal before the BRICS, in fact, the foundation for it was laid a full decade earlier, in 1996.  The SCO’s purpose is somewhat different than the BRICS too, though they have many parallel goals.  First and foremost, the SCO’s creation was the brainchild of Russia and China, it is those two countries who had the idea for this organization.

Why was it created it though, Watchman?

Brothers, that’s the real question.  In order to get our heads around this, let’s do a quick recap of history.

In the very early 1990’s, when the Soviet Union had basically lost the Cold War, many guarantees and treaties were agreed to and signed, between Gorbachev and the U.S.  One of the chief tenets that Russia agreed to, in order to wind down the Soviet Union peacefully, was that the newly-united East and West Germany, would be joining NATO.  However, just as importantly, in return the guarantee was given to Soviet Foreign Minister, Eduard Shevardnadze, that NATO(a military deterrent created as a counter-balance to check Soviet forces in Europe), would not, under any circumstances, “frog leap” Germany, and expand its membership further eastward.


Anti NATO treaties

Soviet Foreign Minister, Shevardnadze, and Secretary of State, James Baker signing key treaties


It was a most reasonable agreement, and it formed the basis of a great peace…a peace that could’ve lasted indefinitely, had not the hubris and and arrogance of Western, bankster globalists reared its head.  In fact, quite foolishly, the banking Dragon immediately started to renege on this fundamental promise to Russia, and began constructing plans to expand its military alliance of NATO eastward toward Russian territory.


So did We!

The very first public admission by the globalists, that they meant to break their promises about NATO expansion toward Russia, was by President Clinton, all the way back in 1996.  By the way, if you’ll remember, 1996 was the exact same year that the group, which would become the SCO, was formed(this is not a coincidence).

“Wile E. Brzezinski”, Kissinger, and all the NATO schemers, began immediately breaking promises by the bushel-basket!  Onward, and eastward, they went: extending new NATO membership cards to everyone and their pet goldfishes!

Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, and even former Soviet members, like the baltic States, were admitted.  Rather than keeping their promise about not expanding NATO, they actually doubled NATO’s membership, from 12 states to 24!  Now currently, there are 28 members.  They even went so far as to put a few naval bases in central Asia.

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