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Harvey Organ: Monstrous Increase in Gold Open Interest!

from Silver Doctors:

In gold we had a monstrous increase in OI with the rise in price of gold yesterday to the tune of $15.40. The total comex gold OI rests tonight at 394,021 for a gain of 15,536 contracts. The January gold contract reads 133 contracts. The bankers were not afraid to supply the non backed gold comex paper.

Here are the following closes for gold and silver Wednesday:

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4 comments to Harvey Organ: Monstrous Increase in Gold Open Interest!

  • Bob A

    I thought the world was supposed to blow up in Dec. This guy takes the cake. I hope no one here pays for his services. He’s about as wrong as they come. And some smart folks in the world of Options destroy his theory about COMEX and contracts and how the world is coming to end rhetoric. I’m a bit surprised that SGT continues to post his work. Harvey is a classified nut case. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  • Beligerant

    What I find very interesting is the trolls really come after this guy with the gloves off and claws exposed. Yeah his forecast for December was wrong but I ocassinally read some of his work and find the blistering attacks non-ending on all sites.

    Interesting to say the least.

  • Gnostic

    Beligerant, Ironic that your name would indicate that you are Beligerant but you are not, you call out the beligerants!?

    I find that Interesting to say the least. LOL

  • chris

    I have been reading predictions of all kinds regarding earth, money, conspiracy, etc. Harvey is not the first person to be wrong in a prediction.

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