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’1,000 mile swath of the U.S. may be destroyed… from an extinction level event’, says park geologist

by Shepard Ambellas, Intellibub:

As of January 29, 2015, Hank Hessler, a park geologist stationed at Yellowstone National Park since 2002, publicly announced and put only a 2 week time-frame for the supervolcano located under the park to erupt.

Although no one knows for sure if Hessler’s prediction will come true, it does set an eerie overtone for people located within a 1000 mile swath of the park.

Interestingly enough this information dovetails with information previously reported by Intellihub, making Hessler’s claims all that much more real. Not to mention the fact that there was more than 1,900 documented earthquakes throughout the park in 2014 alone as swarm activity continues to increase.

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8 comments to ’1,000 mile swath of the U.S. may be destroyed… from an extinction level event’, says park geologist

  • Sayldog

    Link’s bad guys.

  • Paul T

    Sorry Sean but I’m callin BS on this one. I checked out the website this story is on and looks a lot like your typical “dance around the truth” fear porn website to me. Not saying u shouldn’t have posted it because these days anything’s possible but just didn’t come off to me as legit.

  • Truthy1

    Good call Paul ! Anything and everything to take our focus off of the criminals in action. They need for us to be in a state of fear so that our cognitive abilities are clouded by frivolous information and paranoia of preposterous events. Old faithful is still old faithful,no change.

  • Brian

    Utter Crap! If a system this big was “two weeks” away from blowing it would not be a secret. The Eq activity in the area could not be covered up. There would magnitude 3..4..5 Eq’s going on nearly continuously which would be widely reported. Look at the recent run-up in activity for the volcano in Iceland as a comparison.

    • Ed_B

      Not necessarily, Brian. Earthquakes and volcanos are utterly unpredictable… the word of the good park geologist notwithstanding. I have lived about 40 miles from Mt. St. Helens for the past 44 years. In that time, no one had any inkling of when that mountain would blow. I thought that it would when the USGS team monitoring the mountain detected that the north face was bulging by 5 feet a day just prior to the May 18th, 1980 eruption. It takes horrendous pressure to cause that kind of deformation in solid rock, so it was clear that something had to give at some point; unless the volcanic activity would just die down, which it does sometimes with any volcano, and no one really knows why. So, yes, this super-volcano could erupt and do awful damage or it could go back to sleep after grumbling for a while. Only God knows which path it will take and He does not share such info.

  • Sayldog

    Hessler’s a real guy. But sounds more like he was certain it would NOT erupt in the next two weeks.
    But reminds me of the quote I’m too lazy to search out now, but it was some European Union douchebag who said something like “How would we tell 6 billion people that an asteroid was going to hit the earth? We wouldn’t.”

    • Ed_B

      “How would we tell 6 billion people that an asteroid was going to hit the earth? We wouldn’t.”

      A DB for sure. Yes, many would panic and go ape-s**t at that kind of news but others would use the time to gather their family together and get right with God. Not telling them robs them of that opportunity and that would be a terrible thing to do.

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