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What on Earth Will It Take

from LoyalToLiberty:

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4 comments to What on Earth Will It Take

  • Eric

    Higher Consciousness on a larger scale.

    Pure and simple!

  • Eric

    I love Thrive. By the way, Nassim Haramein is a total genius. I would ask more people to watch his presentations and support his work. The Albert Einstein of our day.

  • Gnostic

    Eric, Please research Einstein it is pretty well documented total Zio-Fraud. Other than another Lie to add to the list,

    I am looking forward to researching Nassim Haramein on your recommendation & my quest for understanding.

    • Eric

      I’ll check it out. i’m sure you’re right. I remember reading something about that a few years ago while going through all the project paperclip stuff. But you know what I mean. You gotta dumb it down for the morons my friend. 😉

      This is my favorite one…

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