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Warning: ROBOTS To Replace 1/3 of U.S. Labor Force By 2020

from Fabian4Liberty:

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6 comments to Warning: ROBOTS To Replace 1/3 of U.S. Labor Force By 2020

  • Rodster

    I must’ve fell asleep. Does the US still have a workforce? 😛

  • Angel

    And by that point in time, TPTB hope to have attained a substantial reduction in the US population anyway, so it would make sense that they would want to keep things even more streamlined in the workforce. That’s not to say that any of this is etched in stone, though, but it is the goal.

  • Paul T

    I highly doubt this will ever happen. By 2020, there will be so many Americans working for slave wages, if there are any good jobs left, it will be highly skilled jobs that robots can’t do. And the mindless jobs that robots could do will be filled with people who are forced to work them because they won’t have any real skills. When you have an abundance of workers and fewer jobs, that’s a recipe for slave labor. The cost to run and maintain a robot is not cheap. Companies will just hire low wage earners. They’re cheaper in most cases than trying to keep some robot in good working order. Right now, people need to be learning valuable skills if they want to earn a decent wage in this new economy we’re moving into. Trades that not just anyone can do. If people refuse to learn skills, they’re gonna be left behind in the slave labor force. If robots were so much cheaper to use than people, I think China would be full of robots rather than slave laborers. So I wouldn’t believe much about this robot mania.

  • Eric

    Ha! By 2020, the labor force participation rate will be nearly zero. They won’t include anyone anymore and the unemployment rate will be down to 2%. Nobody will be working. Dow jones 50,000. Happy Days!


      Real Estate is a business for people that buy homes. But there is a service needed that will NOT go away a or be replaced by robots. Buy a home? Need movers. If you can’t move yourself that is and a great majority of people can not and will not move themselves from home to home.
      Moving is a service that takes heart to perform. And skill. Without damage and/or injury.
      I own and operate a moving service. Ma and Pa. 2 trucks, 4 guys. But all you need is one truck and 2 men with some heart and ambition.Moving services pays well and as time goes on and as the work force shrinks to rid the last of the lazys that won’t work except to push buttons on their phone or computers, real professional services will prevail. And the wages and fees for these service no one wants to do will skyrocket.
      I’m not selling anything. I’m providing a needed service that will never be shunned. Hurrah!

  • chuck

    So if McDonalds fired all of their fry cooks and replaced them with machines, and other companies followed suit with cashiers, shelf stackers, factory line workers etc, who would be left earning money to buy these products? Even if they are low wage earners, don’t large companies depend on them to turn around and buy the stuff they make? There would have to come a point in time where automation would be a deterrent to business. There has to be a balance here. Fabian is right, people will have to re educate themselves in order to remain prosperous in future markets, but has not that always been the case? How many buggy whip makers do you know? Is there a group of people still without work because there is no market for buggy whips? Remember the Luddites? These were mill workers that went around smashing power looms in England in the early 1800’s because they thought the looms would put them out of jobs, and indeed some did lose their livelihoods. In turn though, a great many people were put to work and pulled out of poverty in a greatly expanding, more technological economy that offered cheaper goods and higher wages to people. Without going into the merits and drawbacks of living in the European industrial period, we can say that most of the movement was towards greater wealth and prosperity for the average person. The problem today is not robots. Technology is our friend. If you don’t think so, toss out your iphone. Today’s problem for the world is an abysmal banking system fueled by Keynesian monetary policy, un backed currency and the psychotic, murdering greedheads that run that very system.

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