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US “war on terror” is war on Israel’s enemies — Kevin Barrett

from Press TV:

American political commentator Kevin Barrett says Washington’s so-called war on terror is actually a war on Israel’s enemies.

He made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Sunday while commenting on the US Senate’s approval of a multi-billion-dollar military spending bill that includes $350 million for Israel’s Iron Dome missile system.

“Once again the United States’ Congress has proved its absolute slavement to… Israel by voting to give 350 million dollars of the American taxpayers’ money to Israel to build its so-called Iron Dome missile system,” Barrett said.

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2 comments to US “war on terror” is war on Israel’s enemies — Kevin Barrett

  • Eric

    Excellent summary of the heart of the problem. A trillion dollars in aid. I would say they should give it back but we all know how selfish and paranoid they are to do that. And that iron dome system is a joke. It will never work. 10 million people using up the resources of 300 million. Should be interesting to see what they do when that money disappears into thin air. Just makes me glad I support this evil Zionist usury system as little as I do and happy to know that I keep making the right choices to get out more and more. We just gotta get more of them to find their souls and leave with us.

  • Johnny Pallyswine

    I expect lies from Kevin Barett, living on land stolen from the native indigenous people of America.

    Israel should not accept one nickel from the country who EXTERMINATED their natives!!!!

    The Anglo is the greatest mass murderer in history next to the Muslim.

    Israel is shrinking in size since 1976!!!

    USA is the user of world`s resources in exchange for its worthless fiats

    Since its start in the 1980s, the program has cost at least $158 billion, according to official figures, while other estimates put the price tag higher.

    A budget crisis has hardly affected the program. The Pentagon has proposed $9.2 billion for the system in 2014 and $45.7 billion over the next five years. And some senators are pushing to fund a new interceptor site on the East Coast.

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