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Ukraine Just Increased The Chances Of All-Out War With Russia

from Western Journalism:

Today, the Ukrainian parliament overwhelmingly passed a resolution rescinding its non-aligned position in a bid to eventually seek NATO membership. This action follows earlier statements by Ukrainian President Poroshenko that NATO membership is the best defense against an aggressive Russia taking territory from Ukraine. This may well be the case; however, this action makes the possibility of all-out war with Russia a much more likely possibility.

The simple fact is, as we have said before, Russia will never allow Ukraine to join NATO irregardless of international norms, laws, or global opinion, at least while Russian President Putin is in power. This is just reality. Putin has based his entire presidency on this truth. He has stirred up Russian public opinion over Ukrainian Nazi sympathizers in Kiev and in the East. He has whipped up resentment against the United States and blamed them for the Ukrainian revolution which deposed Yanukovych and which was illegal in their eyes. There is no way Putin could just say, “Oh, everything I said was not true and Ukraine can join NATO and the Americans win.”

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