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Treason! Kerry Makes Deal With UN Against Guns In America

from morningmayan:

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5 comments to Treason! Kerry Makes Deal With UN Against Guns In America

  • Rob

    It is simple.

    We The people are not going to comply with twisted words and talk on how to usurp the Constitution of the United States of America.No matter how many treasonous lawyers,shills for terrorists organizations and destroyers of this Republic try to force it upon us (those awake anyway).

    So stick that in your baby blue A$$kissing bonnet

  • Randy0302

    Treason for sure. Also Sec of State has no authority to sign a Treaty….also in the Constitution.
    If Congress fails it will be up to the people.
    We have extraordinary power and people are waking up to this fact every day.

  • Sam

    A skull and bones freak whose path has been anything but American!

  • Maybe the title should be: Treason! Kerry Makes Deal With DEVIL (U.N.) Against Guns In America

    Of course, he probably made his first deal with the devil when at Yale (Skull & Bones).

  • dan

    Did you expect anything less of this POS……..imho

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