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The Science is Conclusive: Mobile Phones Cause Cancer

by Ethan A. Huff, Natural News:

They say there’s only two things constant in this life: death and taxes. But a third viable contender might be cancer, which an extensive cohort of scientific research has found is caused by prolonged exposure to radiation from cell phones and their associated communication towers.

Contrary to what you may have heard in the mainstream news, mobile phones and the antennas that allow them to communicate emit powerful, microwave radio frequencies capable of penetrating our bodies and cells. And constant exposure to these frequencies, according to the science, appears to be one of the leading causes of cancer in the modern age.

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1 comment to The Science is Conclusive: Mobile Phones Cause Cancer

  • Gary

    I had an employee who moonlighted at a mortuary. He told me in the past ten years, they’ve never had so many deceased come in with brain tumors. I asked him if the tumors were predominantly on the right side of the brain. He told me yes. That convinced me then and there that it was cell phones.

    Decades ago the Naval Institute Press released a book by a former KGB major, Tower of Secrets. The author was in charge of all communications for all embassies and consulates worldwide. He said that each embassy and consulate had a communications room in which, for security purposes, had all communications devices whether they were transmitters/receivers, decrypters, encrypters, interception, etc. packed from floor to ceiling. The operators were typically young men who were given a thorough medical examination prior to being sent overseas. With 4-5 years, they would eventually develop cancer. He became alarmed and warned his boss that the exposure to all the electro-magnetic signals was probably causing the deaths of their young men. He got the typical bureaucratic response, “Never mind!”

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