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They Are Running SCARED! Viral Sandy Hook Movie Taken Down AGAIN — Here’s The Scoop

from Red Pill Revolution:

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2 comments to They Are Running SCARED! Viral Sandy Hook Movie Taken Down AGAIN — Here’s The Scoop

  • Sam

    The unbelievable censorship really amounts to an unprecedented attack on free speech. Bodes an ominous tone of evil that is being pushed across the internet regarding research and available information on any subject. I’ve watched most of the excellent documentary of the hoax that was clearly pulled and agree it is on it’s way to being viral must see but, the simple questions as asked by Wolfgang Halbig continue to be evaded as if the non-threatening head scratchers were national security threats – wonder why?

  • Yes, the people RPR named are indeed the enemy. But they’re still lower level management compared to the ones at top who are directing them (and funding them). So yes, we need to know who these low-level “Sandy Hook parents” and their associates are, and expose them, but the battle is much more vast and quite daunting simply because of how much ownership and control they have over virtually every aspect of our society.

    When I first started researching Sandy Hook, soon after the event, my biggest problem was the question of “How could SO MANY hundreds of parents and residents be involved?”

    Henry Makow wrote a great review of this new documentary where he states the answer to my question quite simply and powerfully:

    Thousands were involved in perpetrating this hoax. They represent the secret Masonic Jewish ruling class who wish to consolidate their power in a veiled police state. Virtually everybody with influence in society was involved.

    The cross-section includes the mass media, politicians and police from federal, state and local level, crisis actors, people with connections to large corporations and the Council on Foreign Relations, coroners, psychiatrists and finally hundreds of ordinary citizens who served as “extras.”

    Watching this documentary, I had a frightening premonition, which has obviously already taken place. Whole sections of society have simply gone over to evil, deliberately defrauding their fellow citizens of their money and their rights. This is what happens as society devolves into a satanic cult. People become demons in droves.

    Would it surprise anyone to know that Newtown CT is where the recruiting office of the Church of Satan is/was located?

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