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There Is No Such Thing As a Gun-Free Zone

from Patriot Rising:

Anytime anyone is shot MDA waves the bloody shirt. The younger the victim, the better. For example, “A two-year-old toddler, Mackenzie Baskins, was hospitalized after being struck by a bullet from a drive-by shooting that targeted several houses in a North Carolina neighborhood this week. It was the fourth shooting in Charlotte within a two-day period.” Gang banging ain’t the point. The post’s underlying concept . . .

if we banned guns, babies wouldn’t get shot.

It’s a totally preposterous proposition. You can’t eliminate guns or “gun violence.” America is home to some 300+ million guns. Certain models excepting, none of these guns will cease functioning for the next 100 years. And if all guns did suddenly cease to function, or if the banners somehow confiscated all of them, criminals would be able to make guns easily enough.

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