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The Rise of German Imperialism and the Phony “Russian Threat”

by Prof. James Petras, Global Research:

The principle Nazi ideological prop that secured massive financial and political support from Germany’s leading industrialists was the Communist and Soviet threat. The main Nazi military drive, absorbing two-thirds of its best troops, was directed eastward at conquering and destroying Russia. The ‘Russian Threat’ justified Nazi Germany’s conquest and occupation of the Ukraine, the Balkans, Eastern Europe and the Baltic states, with the aid of a substantial proportion of local Nazi collaborators.

After Germany’s defeat , division and disarmament, and with the extension of Soviet power, the US reinstated the Nazi industrial and banking giants, officials and intelligence operatives. At first they were engaged in rebuilding their domestic economy and consolidating political power, in collaboration with the US military occupation forces.

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1 comment to The Rise of German Imperialism and the Phony “Russian Threat”

  • Randy

    The “Rusian Threat” is a joke. Putin is one of the few world leaders standing up and publicly denouncing the Cabal.
    Ben Fulford wrote a piece today that made the point that Congress basically declared war on Russia last week and no one is paying attention to it. The media ignored it the military took no action.
    Perhaps Congress has been removed from power behind the scenes ?

    On another note there is a form of protest going around relating to the Cabal and the Fed. People are putting an X through the eye on the all seeing eye on the top of the pyramid …..LOL

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