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The Opposition to Police Brutality is a Constitutional Militia

by Jim White, The Daily Sheeple:

2nd Amendment: A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

There are a handful of terms that, when used, immediately elicit images and dialogue inside the average person’s head of fringe, or extreme behavior. I submit that one word which falls into that category is the word Militia. For many, the term Militia brings up memories of groups of men who paint their face and dress in camo while running through the woods shooting at each other espousing anti-government slogans. That may, in some cases, be what the Militia has devolved into in modern times, however that persona is very far afield from the original Militia who used to inhabit this land in Colonial times. No, the idea of a Militia is not fringe, and yes, a Militia is Constitutional, as illustrated above. Would a well-regulated Militia solve our problem with lawlessness in America? How about the “Death by Cop” phenomenon sweeping across the nation? One man, Edwin Vieira, Jr., thinks it would.

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1 comment to The Opposition to Police Brutality is a Constitutional Militia

  • Ed_B

    The true crux of this issue lies in the term “well regulated”. In modern times, this has come to mean that which is controlled by the government. Nothing could have been further from the minds of the Founding Fathers when the 2nd Amendment was penned because the very purpose of the 2nd Amendment is to provide men at arms for the protection of the citizens from ALL enemies, foreign AND domestic. For our friends on the left, the part about “domestic enemies” means the established government when it moves from liberty towards tyranny… which ALL governments tend to do because those in government generally espouse the nonsense that if some government is good, then LOTS of it is always better. It is not and the Founding Fathers were very well aware of it, having lived under monarchies in Europe.

    In colonial times, however, the term “well regulated” would be written today as “well trained”, as in knowledgeable about the art and practice of war and how to wage it successfully. In no way, shape, manner, or form did the term “well regulated” ever mean controlled by the very government that comprised the primary domestic enemy… except in the minds of those who demand BIG government, BIG spending, and the BIG taxes and BIG regulations that follow. This was the sort of thing that the Founding Fathers specifically founded this country to eliminate from their lives and those of their countrymen. They felt so strongly about this that they were willing to wager their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor in support of it.

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