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“The Interview”: Setting up North Korea as Patsy for Assassinating Obama?

Zionist Hollywood sets stage for Kim Jong-un as Lee Harvey Oswald

by Jim Fetzer, Veteran’s Today:

Something was wrong with this picture (both literally and figuratively): a comedy about the assassination of the young and inexperience leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, who, like JFK, has his head blown apart, in this case when a tank shell hits the helicopter he is hanging onto! The methods differ, but the outcome is the same.

During an interview with Press TV, I explained that this was a “colossal act of stupidity” which could have unforeseen consequences and that the cyber attack on SONY may not have come from North Korea but from inside sources because of a strenuous conflict that has arisen between SONY Japan and SONY Hollywood.

Wayne Madsen, for example, has explained that SONY Japan was upset with SONY Hollywood because Japan is engaged in sensitive negotiations with North Korea over the release of 840 Japanese prisoners North Koren has been holding for decades and was profoundly concerned that the film might scuttle the process.

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8 comments to “The Interview”: Setting up North Korea as Patsy for Assassinating Obama?

  • Johnny Pallyswine

    Only the deranged idiots who read the Jew hate on Veterans Today, beleive that Hollywood supports Israel.

    Hollywood has not produced a pro Israel movie since the 1970s. ”Zionist” Hollywood has produced 2 pro Israel films since the 1960s.

    But has yet to produce a film about the EXTERMINATION of the natives by the pretty WASP people.

    • Gnostic

      General Patton On Jews and Germans

    • Gnostic

      It would be impossible even for the hollywood magicians to do a pro Israel movie, even they can’t find anything good about that evil rothschild Vaseline state which is screwing the world.

      • Johnny Pallyswine

        It is the ANGLO WASP that has screwed the world so badly by bowing and catering to the Rothchilds too.They are the content servants who cannot say no.

        Be a good ANGLO WASP and bomb an Asian country or molest a child. Next to the Muslim, the UK ANGLO WASP is leading in that category

  • Gnostic

    Former Isreali Ambassador: “North Korea Needs To Be Wiped Off the Map” – 2013

    • Johnny Pallyswine

      What`s wrong with that?? i assume he means the govt. If u disagree, there is a plane leaving today. Buy a one way ticket and take it!!

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