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The Case For Being A Prepper

from Survival Blog:

My goal in writing this article is to explain my thoughts and reasoning behind my choice to become a Prepper. I believe that being more prepared is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family. However, sometimes Preppers can be seen as strange, eccentric, or even crazy. My hope is that as you read my thoughts in this essay you will get ideas that can help you have good heartfelt conversations with your loved ones. Ultimately, I hope you will realize what I did; preparing for the uncertainties in this world is anything but crazy.

As I was reading and pondering reasons why I should be more prepared, I started to categorize everything into two different groups– multipliers and uncertainties. Multipliers are variables that make any type of disaster worse off, while uncertainties are bad situations that could possibly happen but might not. Let me share with you some of these multiplies and uncertainties that are the most concerning to me.

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1 comment to The Case For Being A Prepper

  • Ed_B

    The case for being prepared for emergencies in general can be boiled down into a single sentence:

    “Is it better to be prepared for difficulties or not?”.

    If not, then continue chewing your cud. If so, then prep, brother, prep. The bigger discussion lies in WHAT constitutes the greatest danger and then prepping for that. 🙂

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