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by Paul Seymour, Dollar Vigilante:

I grew up behind the iron curtain in the 1970s in communist northern Canada with a black and white TV that you actually had to get up to change the channel on the knob. The knob had theoretically 13 channels but only 4 of them actually had anything on them.

One was the government propaganda channel, CBC, the other was CTV and then there was some sort of local channel and there was also something on channel 13, if memory serves, but it mostly looked like a snowstorm through the rabbit ears.

If you are under 20 years old you have absolutely no idea of what I am talking about above. If you are over 40 you probably remember it well. Remember when they used to turn off all the TV stations at night and usually “signed off” by playing more government propaganda with the national anthem?

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  • Steelerdude

    Once they came out with that video of Iraq staged, I never watched that channel again…
    Once CNBC had Jim Cramer on telling everyone to buy Bear Sterns two days before it crashed, I never watched that channel again….

    Thanks Sean and the rest of SGT report….your my number 1 site for true news…

    Keep it that way …..PLEASE!

  • Ed_B

    “Remember when they used to turn off all the TV stations at night and usually “signed off” by playing more government propaganda with the national anthem?”

    Yes, actually, I do. They would play the Star Spangled Banner with a waving US flag. Once that was done, a test pattern would come up that had an Indian Chief in the center of the screen and 4 smaller windows in the corners that contained various geometric shapes. That would be on for a few minutes and then the screen would go to complete static as they shut down their transmitter.

    Growing up in a military family, we and our friends never saw this as propaganda. It was just the way things were. Our dads were in the service. They sacrificed much for our country. They had a lot of pride in their service and great respect for our country and its symbols. Some of them gave their limbs and lives so that others would not have to. That the politicians used them poorly did not matter in this as they served this nation, which is to say its people and not its government.

  • Gnostic

    Rot in hell presstitutes.

  • Jeff

    Rabbit ears and UHF. SGT report would be on channel 48 and I would gladly “fine-tune”.

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