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Texas Officer Pulls Down and Tases 76 Year Old Man Over Legal Plates

by Amanda Warren, Activist Post:

In another example of indiscriminate use of tasers for minor infractions, a Victoria, Texas officer is under scrutiny for beating and tasering a 76-year-old resident twice over a perceived license tag discrepancy that never actually was.

Pete Vasquez was pulled over on Thursday by a young officer because of his license plate – legal dealer tags that are exempt from inspection.

The officer attempts to snatch Vasquez’s papers away when Vasquez pulled back his arm. That’s when the officer forces him on the hood, then down to the pavement out of view. After tasing, the officer shouts repeatedly “Put your hands behind your back! NOW!”

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4 comments to Texas Officer Pulls Down and Tases 76 Year Old Man Over Legal Plates

  • And nothing will happen to the cop because he only has to say he feared for his safety or some BS like that and the old man will now know what it feels like to be raped by the system.

  • dan

    Yet another ..TEXAS….incident…when will the Governor these LEO’s AND their superiors on NOTICE…way past time in TEXAS ….imho

  • Ed_B

    Well, you know what they say about Texas… “nothing down there but steers and queers”… and that officer ain’t got no horns on him! lol

    One would think that a police officer would not feel overly threatened by a 76 year old man. Didn’t this SOB ever have a grandfather? Maybe he should have.

    One other point. What makes this knuckle-dragging cop think that a 76 year old man CAN put his hands behind his back? Arthritis and bursitis can be real bitches at that age and when one has either of these, their joint mobility can be severely restricted.

  • Greg

    The old man was resisting. You don’t get a pass for being old.

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