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Terrible Online Silver and Gold Dealer Shipping Practices! Protect Your Stack!

from stillkeepin1:

Waiting for a response from this reckless dealer.

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15 comments to Terrible Online Silver and Gold Dealer Shipping Practices! Protect Your Stack!

  • Angel

    This guy has a right to be irritated, at both the manner in which this was labeled, as well as the nosiness of the driver. Unprofessional all the way around.

    But I must say that I have NEVER had this issue with any of the well-known companies that I have dealt with over the years. NEVER. And I’ve dealt with just about all of them. Maybe it’s just luck, or maybe the companies that I’ve dealt with have packaged the product discretely.

    For example, SD Bullion always uses a fake name in the return address, one that has no connection to PMs. (I won’t disclose what it is in the event that an unscrupulous delivery person is reading this). Other well-known companies do likewise, or they simply uses the initials of the company.

    Obviously, if they’re going to go through the trouble of using a veiled name in the return address, why then would they resort to writing “HV” on the package? It would make no sense.

    I would like to know what company this guy did business with because I can guarantee would never do business with them.

    (I should say that on rare occasion, I will purchase something from an Ebay dealer, and the parcel does make reference to coins or precious metals in the return address. I could never understand this.)

    • Eric

      Yea he definitely should be upset. I hate to speculate on who it is but I have a pretty good idea where that box came from.

      I’ll just say, I like SD Bullion the best. Never had a single issue with them and I’m always happy with my order. Plus some of the best prices I’ve found.

      But one more reason to look for local dealers and support your local community.

      You should never ever have anything delivered to your residence. I do, but I know I’m taking a risk doing so. And when the driver wants to have a conversation just politely tell him “it’s just some stuff I need.” and shrug it off as no big deal or “that’s my business.” One time, the UPS guy got a little nosey and asked what I had in there. The next time he showed up, I beat him to it and asked if he had my marbles?

      • Angel

        Actually, Eric, I had initially replied to your original post, before you posted this one. “Wrong” captcha code again – NOT! I should have composed it elsewhere and copied and pasted it to SGT, but I thought this issue was rectified.

        Anyway, I addressed the very issue that you mention here. I’ve had a P.O. box for a few years now. It’s well-worth the $75.00 per year fee (or whatever it is now). The less people on the road who handle it, the better. And this way, it’s at least behind closed doors. Of course, some orders are shipped via UPS or FedEx, in which case I have it shipped to a relative (also a stacker) who makes it a point of being home on delivery day.

        I couldn’t ever imagine anyone from these delivery services asking me what’s in my parcels, even when considering my good relationship with the two ladies at my friendly village post office. This is a definite violation of policy, I’m sure. And if anyone ever did inquire, I subscribe to the edict that LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS.

        I’ve been considering following your advice and visiting the coin shops in my area. It’s where much of my 90% came from, so maybe it’s time again.

        • Ed_B

          I agree. Anyone commenting on the weight of my deliveries can expect to hear, “Yeah, these stainless steel pump parts are heavy suckers”. 😉

  • Slipstitchpass

    I had a box from SD Bullion show up open with the contents jacked. They ship via USPS. I was not surprised that it was stolen in the US postal system. The guys from SD had to try and track down where it got stolen and they sent my order again.

    I also got an order filled from Tulving right before they went BK. I thank God every day that old man Tulving bent to my pressure and sent my order.

    I think the take away from all of this is that if you are for some reason waiting to buy metals it will only get harder to get them in your hand. The North West Territorial Mint is just the latest dealer to show signs of death.

    • Ed_B

      “The North West Territorial Mint is just the latest dealer to show signs of death.”

      Agreed, which is what has me wondering whether or not the dealer in this case is NWTM.

  • Eric

    Yeah makes me glad I did most of my buying before things got too bad.

    Never really had many issues myself but I have heard a few stories from others. Packages not showing up once or twice. Nosey UPS guy asked what I had in here. A few coins in not so great condition. Overall, I’ve had mostly good experiences. It’s rare when I don’t. Never had a problem from SD Bullion whatsoever. I don’t care too much for all the styrofoam peanuts, but that’s a small price I can live with. I haven’t complained about USPS in a long time since my mail carrier is now a beautiful friendly nice woman.

    There’s a real simple solution. If it happens once, correct the situation best you can and move on to a better dealer next time. If they screw up, they deserve to lose customers.

  • armando

    The best way to keep from drawing the attention of the delivery guy (or anyone else) is to order some cheap bulky items (like a couple of empty monster boxes) with any substantial silver purchase – that way the weight relative to size of the shipping box will seem normal. I´ve had both FEDEX and UPS drivers ask me about contents and have responded with ¨Car Batteries¨ on both occasions. I too am curious to find out if an online dealer did that to your shipment or if instead it was UPS.

  • buttery cheddar

    Lots of shilling for SD here…but my fiat goes to APMEX. Fast and Easy. AND just this week I got an unexpected big box from them and my heart skipped a beat, it turned out to be a big tin of assorted popcorns for Christmas. I appreciated the unsolicited holiday gift that will indeed come in handy over the holidays. They show class and appreciation. Anyone get a holiday gift from SD?

    • Angel

      Not yet, BC, but I’m sure it wouldn’t be GMO popcorn if we did.

    • Ed_B

      Being VERY happy with the service, products, price, and consistent timely shipping from SD Bullion is NOT “shilling”. They do not pay people to talk up their business, which is what real shilling is.

      Yes, I have also bought from both APMEX and Provident. There are times when this is good, such as when special prices or free shipping are offered. I like APMEX for BU grade US 90% silver coins and have gotten several orders from them. Other than this, however, their prices are higher than Provident and quite a bit higher than SD Bullion. I will continue to use all 3 of these vendors as seems best but the bulk of my buying will continue to be from SD Bullion. I am not affiliated with SD Bullion in ANY way other than as a very satisfied customer. If that offends anyone, tough frijoles.

      • Angel

        Agreed, Ed. I have bought from APMEX before and was very satisfied. But price keeps me away from them. Provident I still purchase from, but they aren’t always the cheapest either.

  • uncviper23

    Nice prices nice selection: JM Bullion I will NEVER EVER EVER NEVER USE IN A BILLION YEARS AGAIN.

    Shipped and packaged like a 6 year old with a 60 IQ. I had a medium value purchase and wired them the proceeds and you would have thought I ordered lead instead the way it was cared for.

    They were HOLDING my order because they were out of some of the items instead of shipping what they did have. It would have come in multiple boxes anyway. After 7 days and no tracking number I called and spoke to some young kid reading their spill. I canceled what I could forced shipment and a wired refund by threatening to turn them over to the attorney general. NEVER will touch those guys again. Grrrr

    • Angel

      I use JMB regularly. One thing I’ve noticed lately is that they no longer send the tracking number via email. You have to actually go into your account to retrieve it. I called about this and they said it was due to cases of fraudsters hacking email accounts, getting the tracking number, and re-routing the parcel to a different location.

      The only issue I’ve ever had with them is that they failed to post a tracking number in my account, even after getting the shipping confirmation. So I had to call and get it over the phone.

  • Suzanne

    I’ll occasionally buy a little bit from Wholesale Bullion Direct in Austin, but if I have some real cash to drop on some bullion… I take the cash down to my local bullion dealer here in Houston, which takes very good care of me.

    What stillkeepin1’s packaging looked like reminds me of what your average high school student would typically pull, according to my observation over the years. That company’s owner clearly has an A-D-D teenager working in shipping, and it will cost them greatly.

    That said, keep stacking, gang! We’re seeing the end of the paper Ponzi scheme approaching.

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