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Stack Smart, Not Hard: The “Romantic” Silver That Sadly I Can’t Stack Right Now

Silver Strategies

from The Wealth Watchman:

I’d like to speak to a few strategies that we silver warriors can use to apply leverage and increase our stacks, without working at all extra time to achieve.

Today, particularly,  I’d like to take a look at a form of silver that I love,  but sadly, “can’t” stack right now.

Some shield brothers here have brought up the point that stacking is really all a game of ounces, in the end.  I quite agree with this, but the key point that’s essential  to understand is that there’s no one way to skin that cat!

The fact is, there are many, many ways in which to “work smart, not hard”, and glean as many ounces as possible. Let me say this right now though:  none of them are “the right way”, the key is simply to find a way that works for you, and get very, very good at it.

Psychological Warfare

I’d like to talk today though, about one of my favorite forms of silver to stack.  The truth is, there are many ways that the banking establishment tries to “tar and feather” silver’s reputation.  As Chris Duane has rightly said, one of these ways is to wage psychological war upon it, by even convincing us to think of silver as undesirable.  One of the ways they do this, is by coining very condescending terms for it, like “junk”.  “Junk Silver” is an unfortunate term that, sadly, has even taken hold in the stacking community in regards to 90% U.S. silver coins.  It’s a self-defeating and ludicrous thing, too.

Think about this: how many times do you go about using the term “junk diamonds”, “junk gold”, “junk platinum”?

Do you go around breathing “junk air”, or drinking “junk water”?  After all, those things have mostly been recycled and reused by others many times!

It just doesn’t make any sense to call any precious thing, “junk”.

To be a lover of silver, and then to call it junk is the very definition of irony.

Junk, by definition, is something that is unwanted, something that you’d just as well rather discard in the trash.  Let’s try to put such a descriptive term out of our minds, in regards to silver.  Because the fact of the matter is, there are few forms of silver out there, that can hold a candle to  90% silver for a number of reasons.

The Romance Premium

The first reason I like to stack 90% silver, is that it is a living piece of history, and boy do I love history! Every single time I hold one of these old coins, I think about the year in which it was struck, I try to imagine life for the average folks living in the 1890’s, or 1920s, 30’s, 40’s etc.

This is a keen reason why I prefer this form of silver that no one else mentions, call it the “romance premium” that is sometimes paid over spot.

Picture an old silver dime(my favorite form of silver), and take a good look at it.


This very coin above would’ve been used many thousands of times, by countless people from all walks of life, over the course of its existence.

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22 comments to Stack Smart, Not Hard: The “Romantic” Silver That Sadly I Can’t Stack Right Now

  • Sandman

    There is nothing like metal detecting for romance silver. I just scored a mercury dime and a war nickel just yesterday in an old ball field. Ahhhh…..

  • iguana green

    Back in 2009, my first purchase of this” constitutional” silver were dimes. Mercury Dimes.
    Silver was 15 bucks an oz or so back then.
    But over the years I have bought all kinds of silver leaning into Kennedy halves the most. And a bunch of 1 oz rounds as well. Have both. It’s the right thing to do.
    The premiums were not evident back in 2009. In fact these premiums on this so called “junk ” silver has most recently come into view.
    Probably because they are becoming more desirable. And they are also getting harder to get. Thank you WW.

    • Ed_B

      I could not agree more, Iguana. I never use the term “junk” to describe constitutional silver. For me, silver coins ARE money. They are the money I remember from my childhood days back in the 1950s and 1960s. Even after 1964, silver coins were not that hard to find as change from stores, banks, vending machines, etc. My very first dollar was a 1925 Peace dollar that a lady gave me for mowing her lawn when I was 12 years old. That was in 1961 and I remember it to this day. My fee for cutting a lawn was 50 cents but I did such a good job that she rewarded me with that silver dollar. It meant a lot to me but it was money so I spent it on various kid things. Lesson learned. I do not spend my constitutional silver these days but save it for the hard times that likely will come at some point. If they do not come in my lifetime, so be it. My stack will become a family legacy that will benefit my kids and grand kids.

      Currently, I have ASEs, Canadian Maples Leafs, 5-oz SilverTowne bars, and constitutional silver as dimes, quarters, halves, and dollars. It is a good mix and I have no doubt that it will serve our family well when the time comes. When that happens, my family will probably stop thinking of me as that crazy old guy who was always going on about silver and gold. Instead, they will be damn glad that they have some REAL money, as the paper money in the world becomes recognized for the crap that it is and few will accept it for goods and services. By then, just about everyone will recognize real money when they see it and it will be gold and silver metal.

      It’s funny how attitudes change and what was once common gets forgotten and then becomes “normal” again. Back in the 1930s, it was very common for Americans to distrust banks and paper money. Those feelings have been dormant for many years but they will return when the average American finally realizes just how screwed we are and just what / who caused it.

      The truth of the matter is that paper money is a bogus invention by people who create nothing of any real value and who use this scheme to enrich themselves at the expense of the rest of us. They cannot do that with gold and silver because they cannot print them at their whim. No, gold and silver must be mined, processed, concentrated, refined, and made into coins, rounds, jewelry, and bars before anyone can use it. All that takes time, effort, and energy. It is these things that are manifest in the intrinsic value of gold and silver. They are why gold and silver have been prized by every human culture that has discovered them for the past 5,000+ years.

      The historical record of paper money, on the other hand, sucks. Every fiat currency ever invented has failed or is in the process of failing. Yes, every single one… and there have been more than 3,000 of them! One would think that with all this data as proof, people would have the idea that fiat money is a completely idiotic idea. But many people just do not “get it”… until THEIR fiat currency implodes and takes everything THEY have. Then and only then will this lesson be real and will they get it. Those of us who already get it, stack gold and silver as well as several other kinds of items that will be of great value once the SHTF. Pity those who do not get it, as their lives will be shattered by any of several possible SHTF scenarios. It will be difficult for us all when these people come begging us for our help but we must remain strong or they will pull us down with them.

  • chuck

    “Junk”silver has always been my preferred for of Ag. Though I have a good mix of bullion forms, I still favor the pre 65 coins. Walking Liberty halves, Peace dollars and Mercury dimes all interest me the most. Ever check out the meaning of the fasces on the dimes’ reverse? or why they have the deity mercury on the obverse?

    • Ed_B

      Actually, Mercury was not a deity but was the “messenger of the gods”. Basically, he was their delivery boy or mailman. But this is not Mercury on the so-called “Mercury Dime”. It is “Winged Liberty”.

      • chuck

        I saw the description “winged liberty” on Wikipedia, which really makes no sense. No other depiction that I could find shows liberty with a winged cap just like Mercury. Why else would it have been called a mercury dime? And yes, Mercury did have a “god”status in Roman mythology. The coin seems to be a tribute to the pagan god of financial gain and of Roman fascism (fasces on the reverse) All on a coin that bears the words “in God we trust”!

  • Ed_B

    “Do you go around breathing “junk air”, or drinking “junk water”? After all, those things have mostly been recycled and reused by others many times!”

    Yes, actually, I have. Both in Mexico and in LA. :-/

    “To be a lover of silver, and then to call it junk is the very definition of irony.”

    Indeed it is, which is why so many of us in the stacker community refer to it as “constitutional silver” and not “junk silver”. 🙂

  • The Truth

    Got 4 rolls of them old gals for good measure. Just thought if SHTF I can use them instead to buy anything I deem necessary. Some call them junk, I call them life savers. Will be popping them candy in the times of need. The only junk I know is bonds and fiat money.

  • Angel

    Constitutional silver was the very first form of silver bullion that I owned, as it was part of a sizable coin collection given to me by a relative when I was a child. Since that time, I’ve acquired considerably more of this variety.

    The fact that it is fractional silver makes it perfect for bartering, when those 1 oz. coins and rounds will be valued far too high to be traded for common goods and services.

    There also exists privately-minted fractional rounds that could be used for the same purpose. Everyone should have at least a portion of their stack in fractional silver, constitutional silver being preferable because it also has a face value.

    At this point in the game, most of my energy goes toward 1 oz. Eagles a Maples, with the occasional purchase of something whose theme is more exciting. In the earlier days, I tended to ignore the Eagles and Maples BECAUSE they were TOO common, so I need to play catch-up now. These coins are the most recognizable, and some people that we end up transacting with might mistakenly believe them to be more legitimate than privately-minted silver, hence a smoother transaction.

  • Buffy

    Yes, give me all your JUNK silver and TOXIC assets. Its all worthless, 😉 😉

  • NaySayer

    What happens when they try to get your silver?

    I don’t think they will go full on confiscations. No. I think they will go peer pressure. They will have celibritards say, “But we all need it. We are all in this together and anybody who doesn’t give it up (like The civil war wives in Gone with the Wind for the war effort) is no good.

    Whoever gives up the most will get a guest shot on dancing with the stars. Whoever informs them that someone else has it will get a medal on The Today Show.

    They are making a culture of the cult of celibritards for a reason. They will get people to do things to get a date with Beyonce’.

    Maybe you all should start a nice silver travel spoon collection. I just got a nice one. .95 cents for 10 grams of 80%. Don’t knock it til you’ve stacked it.

    • Angel

      I see these travel spoons behind the glass case in thrift stores quite often. Every time I’ve checked them, they’ve turned out to be silver plated. Sometimes you might have luck with the standard tableware, but you have to beat the full-time Ebay sharks, who are often circling these stores before they even open. Just this morning, I entered a Goodwill store with one of these people, but he beat me to the tableware section. Within SECONDS, he had several silver spoons in hand (which he showed me). He’s at that store daily at the opening bell, then makes the rounds. What a way to spend your time, ha?

    • Ed_B

      “What happens when they try to get your silver?”

      Then they WILL get my lead instead. Yes, they can probably get my silver but it will depend on how many lives they are willing to trade me for it. Of course, the bulk of my silver is on deposit in The Bank of Mother Earth. Good luck finding that! If they can’t find it, they can’t steal it. 🙂

  • dan

    ‘junk silver, ‘junk bonds’, replacing ‘junk cars’, ‘junket’s’..all have one thing in common….the GOVERNMENT uses these terms for its evil purposes….imho

  • andrew james

    I took the thinking out of all of it back in 2010 and have just been purchasing one ounce ingots since March 2010. From where I’m looking bullion prices have a long way to go to catch up to US junk prices. I got your US numismatics. I stacked those puppies in the 90’s.

  • skip

    A few people I know and myself call it constitutional money. That’s what it is.
    I’m 63, and have been saving it since I was 16. Something back then told me it was nessassary. I pray the rest of the world will awaken soon. I truely know it will happen eventually. God Bless.

    • SGT

      Amen to that, God Bless Skip.

      • SGT

        Guys, by the way, our pal the wealth watchman says he can’t seem to make comments on SGT report, he’s been having trouble and we don’t know why – he posts them and they don’t show up in pending or anywhere, they just disappear. He wanted me to pass this along:

        “Hey guys, wonderful thoughts. I agree that buying many different types of silver is a great idea, and I do own many times. Call it my idea of “diversification!” 🙂

        Thanks for all your feedback. I do take time to try to read what people write, and this interaction is part of the “payoff” for me when the writing is done on an article.

        Keep up the great work, folks! Keep attacking the enemy!”

        • Angel

          I’m having a similar issue in this regard, Sean, and with greater frequency. Pretty much every day, now. Sometime it says that I entered the wrong captcha code, even though it was the right code. If I don’t compose my comment elsewhere and copy and paste it to the SGT article, I end up losing it when this happens. The only way to get my comment in is to wait a good half hour or longer, then the captcha code changes and I could usually post.

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