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Stack Smart, Not Hard, Pt. 2: Make the Golden Pendulum Your Ally

Not much Time Left

from The Wealth Watchman:

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Two Dreaded Words

The two words that I’ve learned to dread more than most, are:  “Watch this!”

Now, sometimes those can be fantastic words, right?

Sometimes, following those words, we are shown something truly magnificent, surprising, or even hilarious!

But when you have a 2 year-old(like the Watchman has)….those two words can induce some sheer, agonizing, teeth-grinding terror!  

Each time I hear it, I smile and nod at my son, while my mind plays through all the possibilities of which physician we might have to visit once this scenario plays out.

You laugh, but adults are the exact same way though, are we not?  I’m sure most of you have read stories about those crazed alchemists in the Middle Ages.  Those poor, misguided souls, determined to play god, by locking themselves up in the dark tower of some castle or keep, pouring over ancient manuscripts, and even dabbling in forbidden “studies”.  They’d stare, eyes twitching at the latin or egyptian texts, whiling away the hours,  as they determined to turn lead into gold.

Time after time, they miserably failed!

Sometimes, many of them would think they were so close, only to be left with nothing in the end, every time.

Years and years were pitifully wasted this way.  Whole lives expired, chasing a terrible and pointless dream.

A few of these folks suddenly realized they chose the wrong career, when something went horribly awry:

Ratio 11

We chuckle at these people now, but we’re just as ridiculous!

For modern central bankers are very much like these alchemists,  in that they all believe they’ve found a way to “turn debt into gold”.  Yet, astonishingly, most well-educated individuals in the West, hang upon every word that these fools utter!  

And, just like the poor, unfortunate soul in the painting above,  I promise you that it will end  in a fiery, monetary explosion.

That is, after all, why we’re stacking, is it not?

We’re all being forced to stand in said laboratory, while some “sage” tells us:

“Watch this!”

Just because we’re all being forced to watch another terrible, alchemical experiment gone wrong, doesn’t mean that we can’t do it safely from behind our silver and golden shields! Right?

Their Folly is Our Opportunity

Yet, strangely enough, this ill-advised alchemy in our time(coupled with the market rigging in gold and silver), has created some enormous opportunities for our stacking armies.

Most of the brothers here that I’m speaking to are hardened, grisly warriors, who know what they’re doing and why:

You know of the unsustainable nature of the global ponzi, which we call the international monetary system.

You know of the real nature of the bond markets, the stock markets, money printing, and the global derivatives disaster-waiting-to-happen.

You know of silver’s excellent value relative to these paper, pyramid schemes.

You know silver’s excellent value relative to other real assets, including real estate.

You know silver’s historical role as both money, and a means to store wealth.

You know of silver’s excellent current value relative to gold.

You’ve planted your feet, fought like heroes, and have taken blow after blow from your enemy, and you’ve given them blow after blow in return.

Yet, consider the fight we’ve been forced into: over 3.5 years of decline in silver, from $50 to $14, is a difficult length of time to be under assault, with no price relief to speak of, isn’t it?

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