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MUST, MUST READ: SILVER SQUELCHERS PART 8: And Their Interesting Associates

by Charles Savoie, SRSrocco Report:

The commodity markets are controlled by Wall Street and London banking interests, frequently to the detriment of commodity producers. At the top of this pyramid, for over a century—are Pilgrims Society members, suppressing precious metals! This they have done to facilitate buying land and real assets with their created currency, and achieved a lien against all private property in these fifty States based on the Federal debt, which is owed to these megabankers!

The entire Federal debt must sooner or later be entirely repudiated or expunged, and titles (domestic and foreign) to land, buildings and other assets should be investigated—and seized, in all cases in which the holders can be connected to the Federal Reserve! All members of “globalist” organizations must be banned from any government posts, elected or appointed!

“We don’t dare confront the implications. I think we all agree there was a conspiracy and we don’t want to know. It involves SUCH A POWERFUL HIGH FORCE IN WHAT WE CALL THE HIGH PLACES, IF WE DO KNOW, EVERYTHING MIGHT FALL APART.”

—Leonard Bernstein, globally prominent music conductor, about the Kennedy assassination; Associated Press, November 24, 1980.

Bernstein (1918-1990) was music director of the New York Philharmonic and president of the London Symphony Orchestra—both Pilgrims Society “cultural” interests. His allegation about “a powerful high force in the high places” was more than an educated guess because—under “Awards and Recognitions” at they list “Pilgrims Society.” Is it possible to receive an award from The Pilgrims Society, without actually being a member? Perhaps so; this hasn’t been 100% determined. However, my capable European colleague, Joel Van Der Reijden, for whom I have deep respect, says Bernstein was a member. He certainly would have had “outer circle” status and only been aware of the inner circle of the Society as containing the “powerful high force” he didn’t specifically identify.

Here’s something in The Congressional Record, Volume 153, page 8245, March 28, 2007, mentioning The Pilgrims Society and John Brademas, a Pilgrims member and a former chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and Rockefeller Foundation trustee, and Bernstein both receiving the George Foster Peabody Award. George Foster Peabody (1852-1938, Pilgrims Society) was a large scale Wall Street financier who according to the New York Times, December 10, 1933, section 2, page 4, was a supporter of Franklin Roosevelt and his gold theft from the public; but additionally, Peabody also claimed as one of his alleged accolades that—

“HE HAD A PART IN DEFEATING BIMETALLISM and reached the conclusion that it is absurd to depend on a metal not possible of expansion or contraction as a standard of value.”

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