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Silver is the Pressure Point Knockout!

from The Wealth Watchman:

“Remember: that giants sleep too soundly; that witches are often betrayed by their appetites; dragons have one soft spot, somewhere, always…” – Neil Gaiman

There is an enormous struggle going on right now, that the bards and historians will tell of for generations.  This struggle is between the Western banking cabal, and those of the East who wish to be free to live their own lives in peace.  Most of the shield brothers here, know this very well.  The Eastern Bloc, more commonly now known as the BRICS countries, are taking deliveries of thousands of tonnes of gold from the Western Bankers, in a process that is reaching a climactic crescendo even as we speak!

Yet, there is a sticking point.  There’s a perplexing question that many shield brothers are asking lately(and which many of you may have wondered about as well).

That question is this:

“Watchman, why the heck are the BRICS buying up so much gold?  If they wanted to end this fight with western bankers, why don’t they just buy all the silver with their lunch money, and be done with it?”

That’s a truly excellent question, and I do have some thoughts on that.  Let me attempt to explain it this way, in the following series.

The True Meaning of the Kata

First off, we’ve all heard the phrase: “silver is the achilles heel of the bankers”, and that’s true, but today I hope to offer an even more vivid picture of the threat that silver represents to them.

When I was young, I was honored to be introduced to a very old, and passed over, form of martial arts.  In our time, the term “Ryukyu Kempo”, has become a rather generic way to refer to most forms of karate, but most of these techniques being practiced now, are a watered-down version of the ancient forms, which the old masters produced in the  Ryukyu Islands.  True Ryukyu Kempo(which was abandoned roughly a century ago in the Japanese schooling system) was quite different from the various forms of karate being taught throughout most martial arts schools today.

This olden Ryukyu Kempo fighting system I was introduced to was unique, it was special.

What made it different was that it wasn’t merely about memorizing the “Kata”, the sequences of striking and grappling techniques, that you see many black belts use today.  In fact, for those not knowing what to look for, if you were to watch the movements of those practicing this nuance of karate, you’d think the movements are almost identical to the ones that everyone else is doing.

The thing which made this form of fighting completely different though, was that it focused on what these movements, these Kata, were originally intended for, and fleshed out  their hidden meanings.

You see, the old, by-gone masters in the Ryukyu islands, discovered something very interesting about the human body, which they incorporated into their fighting techniques:  the human body is laden with various “pressure points”, in very key places.

What are pressure points?  Pressure points are highly specific areas where manipulative stimuli or pain can be entered directly into a nerve ending!

PP 1

Over many centuries, the old masters not only discovered these pressure points, but found that each one on the body is different, and produces different results,  but only if attacked from an unbelievably unique angle in order to “activate” it.

Just think of your “funny bone”. Think of how you can’t strike your “funny bone” at will, even though you generally know where it is. Why is that?  It’s because it must be hit from a very specific angle, in such a way as to activate the nerve endings which produce that unforgettable feeling! One angle might work very well for one point on the body, while another pressure point would need a totally different angle or approach, in order to produce the particular response it would yield.

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3 comments to Silver is the Pressure Point Knockout!

  • B.M.

    Unfortunately, Watchman, what we’re all going to find out is that Putin and the Chinese are in on the NWO plan the same as the elite of the Nazi West. The current East vs. West “battle” is all a big scam show that’s been repeated by the Jesuits previously through WWI, WWII and Vietnam. The enemy is not the NWO West, it’s the Pope and army of Jesuits.

    The game is rigged not only on this side of the pond and across, but in Asia and the Pacific as well. There will be a new world currency, and it will be electronic and recognized and accepted by all across the globe.

    Check out a book entitled Vatican Assassins. The only thing that’s going to stop this now is all out revolution against the Vatican and it’s cronies.

  • tomche

    Wow, B.M. You are spot on. All I can add is that unless and until the Federal Reserve is ended, they will continue their manipulation of all markets – and that includes Silver and Gold.

    • Gnostic

      the pope wears a yarmulke & worships at the wailing wall, supports genocide of christ’s descdents the palestinians, the jesuits were founded by a cabalist jew loyola for the intent of infiltrating the vatican, rothschild controls the vatican bank follow the money & the luciferian illuminati jews. the nazi’s are the AshkeNAZI’s.

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