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from The Burning Platform:

Seattle, Washington, one of the strongest remaining bastions of liberal philosophy left in the country, passed a phased-in $15 minimum wage law earlier this year. The highest minimum wage in the country. The vote was unanimous and the throng outside cheered, but for many this is a loss from which they will never recover. It is a blow to the profitability of businesses that they just can’t take.

According to the National Review Hotline, Kathrina Tugadi owner of Seattle’s El Norte Lounge, no longer hires musicians for her restaurant, she said she can’t justify expenses that don’t directly “add to the bottom line.” And, she says, hours will have to be cut: El Norte Lounge plans to stop serving lunch and only serve dinner.

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2 comments to SEATTLE’S MINIMUM WAGE CRASH: $15 to ZERO! Profits Tumble!

  • Angel

    The garden-variety “progressive”, thoroughly blinded by cunning professors in America’s centers of indoctrination, doesn’t have a clue. I believe many of these people are idealistic and have their heart in the right place, but their brains are located somewhere else, indeed.

    These utopian ideas have ALWAYS been a failure, and ALWAYS will be a failure, when at their core they depend upon government intervention and enforcement in an area that the government has no business being in.

    The pitfalls of socialism are no different then those of other religions. Only they’re WORSE because socialism is dependent upon the iron fist of government, i.e., FORCE. As such, even amid the outride and blatant failure of the endless programs that are legislated, and the perpetual socioeconomic destruction that ensues, the socialist utopians rarely admit the error of their ways. Rather, they capitalize on the damage caused to justify an even MORE radical and aggressive platform, ultimately resulting in complete subjugation of the masses, destruction of liberty, and even horrific tyranny.

    The young idealist becomes the very thing he once derided. Power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  • Ed_B

    Those who have never run a business, including our “dear leader”, have no clue what it is like. All they can see is an endless cornucopia of money to be looted by the state and given to those who have not earned it in exchange for their votes. The fact is, if a small business owner has $100k to hire people, s/he can hire 5 people at $20k a year, 4 people at $25k a year, or 3 people at $33.3k a year. Simply passing a law that the business owner must obey does not add a cent to the money that they have available to pay wages. Jobs WILL be lost in places that try this because there’s no other alternative.

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