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Scientific American Warns Against the Damage Done by Government Shutdowns

from The Daily Bell:

How Science Suffers During Government Shutdown … Congress (probably) won’t defund the government next week. But if they do, their decision will be disastrous for science … No one wants another government shutdown. Not President Obama, who needs the funding to fight ISIS and Ebola abroad. Not Speaker Boehner, who warned House Republicans last month that defunding the government would only backfire. And certainly not the 800,000 federal workers who were furloughed without pay during the last 16-day shutdown, in October 2013. – Scientific American

Dominant Social Theme: It takes a city to make a new idea.

Free-Market Analysis: Scientific American often provides us with memes we recognize, especially when it comes to global warming. Another theme is the virtue of government science. For the editors at Scientific American, there can be almost no significant breakthroughs without government funding. Of course, if we look back at the significant inventions of the 20th century, we find that the government role was fairly non-existent for the most part.

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1 comment to Scientific American Warns Against the Damage Done by Government Shutdowns

  • Ed_B

    During the last government “shutdown”, a mere 2.5% of the workers in government were sent home. This means that if you have an organization that employs 1,000 people, 975 of them were STILL ON THE JOB. Of course, ALL of those who were sent home got paid for not working, so this was nothing more than a FREE vacation at tax-payer expense. So much for any sort of real shutdown. Like all the other BS that the government shovels, this too was a lot more talking about shutting anything down than actually shutting it down. IMO, EVERYTHING the government does should be shut down during a government shutdown with the exception of those things that would cause an immediate threat to the lives, health, and safety of We The People and those in the US military in combat zones plus those supporting their efforts. Other than that, shut the f***er down until some sense can be slapped into the nitwits supposedly in charge of this cluster-bleep.

    Unlike a lot of people who believe that manna flows from the government and that they cannot survive without it via their own efforts, my wife and I were thrilled that the damned thing was shutting down… until we discovered that the shutdown was pretty much a lot of political hot air with no substance to it whatever. We should have expected that as that would be typical of these politicians… long on yakking, short on DOING.

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