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Russia and China Move to DESTROY the Dollar

from HighImpactFlix:

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  • glitter 1

    Lets go through a short thought exercise.If the gosl of communism was/has been to undermine/destroy/defeat captitalism enroute to Global domination,which includes the destruction of the last bastion of capitalism,America,then is the current scenario coming into view a surprise,why should it be.

    The communists have accomplished their “no shots fired coup” of the US Government with the installation by the Second Crop of “Useful Idiots” by installing communist Barack Husaein Obama as the President of the USA.

    “We are going to kill the Dollar” –

    At the same time,our treasonous/complicit congress has just stepped aside by allowing China to siphon the wealth of the US,the peoples wealth/money “Gold” up/out/away from the US Vaults Eastward into China’s Vault’s.The greatest wealth looting heist in world history.Since there is very little to no physical Gold left in the West/US,it’s not a stretch to see this scenario playing out any easier.The US is positioned on the precipice.The Communists/Totalitarians need only sell their US Treasuries en mass to realize their long held dream of bringing down the last bastion of capitalism in the world.It appears the Russia and China hold all the Aces,all they have to do is lay them down.The sheeple will never see what hit them!Looks like almost “Game Over “to me.

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