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Rothschild Bankers SUCCESSFULLY Lobby Congress To Force Taxpayers To Insure $TRILLIONS$ Of Fraudulent Bank Derivatives!!

from Politicalvelcraft:

Editor’s Note: As Michael Snyder notes, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Citibank, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, and plenty of others have manipulated the market with these derivative bets, and have at least $40 trillion in derivatives exposure. If Congress passes FDIC protection for these controversial and complex financial instruments, it could dwarf existing debt held by the federal government and cost taxpayers an absolutely insurmountable sum, all while letting the bankers walk away free, and with their other winnings in hand.

4 comments to Rothschild Bankers SUCCESSFULLY Lobby Congress To Force Taxpayers To Insure $TRILLIONS$ Of Fraudulent Bank Derivatives!!

  • andrew james

    The banks are going to get bailed out again and again until it doesn’t work anymore. Now is not the time for marching in the streets. What good does that do anyway? No now is the time to march to your local coin shop and stack. That’s what time it is.

  • Velikovsky

    Well of course they, the JEWISH SCUM BANKSTERS (which nobody likes or has the guts to talk about) are going to put GOY on the hook for their malfeasance and astronomical losses!!

    This is the Jewish Conspiracy at work! It is staring us in the FACE! But again, it is palpable that economic/political/social commentators are too gutless, too scared, or too brainwashed to point out this irrefutable FACT!

    The goal is to destroy Christianity and the White Race, pit all races against each other, weaken nationalism to the point where everybody looks the same and has no reason to defend their cultures, values, via mass immigration and to create obvious distractions that allows these demonic forces to push their Talmudic/Satanic aims to the point where a Jewish Utopia dominates all aspects of society and what it ends up with, is a repeat of Bolshevik Communism.

    • Velikovsky

      Nice recommendation. I saw this some time ago and learned quite a bit. Gilad Atzmon is a brave man who tells the truth. This one I remember: ‘what is a pogrom?. When Christians say enough is enough.’

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