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Real World Housing Reports From Around The U.S.

by Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics:

These articles directly contradict the highly manipulated garbage currently being defecated into the media by the National Association of Reators, National Association of Homebuilders and Govt/Census Bureau (sourced from The Housing Bubble Blog):

From Massachussets: “In some respects, it can be argued the housing bust still hasn’t ended. October marked the eighth consecutive month that petitions to foreclose a home in Massachusetts rose when compared to the same month a year ago,” according to The Warren Group.

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2 comments to Real World Housing Reports From Around The U.S.

  • AgShaman

    When you conduct business with a certain agent…you are allowing the banks to subjugate you and your human value/labor to US Corporation.

    The mortgage scam is key to their control grid of managing well behaved soylents.

    Admiralty/Maritime Law is a usury based Pirate/Profiteering machine that employs force without contracts and requires consent

    Common Law is a cure for this bankster disease. People must find a viable way to divorce “US Corp”

    (In 5 minutes, 3pm….scroll down slightly, RH side, Studio B MP3 podcast)

  • Gnostic


    I agree, It ia the responsibility of each & every individual to not consent & withdraw from the beast. We all know what we must do, No marching, no protesting, no voting, no bitching. just do it!


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