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More Confirmation Germany Continues To Repatriate Gold

by Koos Jansen, Bullion Star:

In addition to a post I wrote earlier about the Bundesbank continuing to repatriate gold from the US and France, despite a misleading article from Bloomberg suggesting the program was canceled, I present an email I just got in from Peter Boehringer, founder of Repatriate Our Gold in Germany:

Dear E-Mail partners: A quick info in English because I know there are many people around the world waiting for gold repatriation news from Deutsche Bundesbank (BuBa) in 2014. I always said BuBa would continue their repatriations in Germany despite many official and unofficial news outlets claiming the opposite.

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2 comments to More Confirmation Germany Continues To Repatriate Gold

  • Johan

    Dear Germans. Please have patience while we search the globe for more countries with gold supplies to pillage. It might take a while since we are running out of countries but bear with us.

  • Frank Zak

    Silver over 40 years has bottomed at a 79 to 85
    gold to silver ratio 83% of the time. 82-83 are key.

    Gold at $1140 would put silver at $13.75 to $13.90
    with 82-83.

    So far it has hit 80.21 ratio when silver hit $14.15 in the Sunday
    night session with gold at $1135 couple weeks ago.

    Remember silver topped months before gold in 2011 with
    the CRB.

    Silver could bottom before gold this time.

    We have officially hit the kill zone to buy.

    It would be nice to see one more shake out during Comex
    hours to hit 82-83.

    This is good news for silver bugs.

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