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McPanic: What the Decline in Fast Food Means for the Rest of Us

from CrushTheStreet:

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4 comments to McPanic: What the Decline in Fast Food Means for the Rest of Us

  • limacon

    Maybe more value and less media ordure ?

    Or will they come out with the MacJ Burger .
    A vegetarian marijuana patty between two lettuce leaves .

  • Suzanne

    McDonald’s is barking up the wrong tree by trying to compare themselves with actual food.
    You can handle more clean calories you get from Chipotle. Fat doesn’t make you fat.
    Versus: McDonald’s fries that ceased being potatoes the minute they were turned to slurry with extra starches and preservatives and then sliced by waterjets on conveyor belts. Meats that are extracted from offal (pink goo) and loaded with oddball synthetic wiring and fillers. How about all that hormone disrupting GMO soybean oil and corn syrup?
    I quit eating at McD’s years ago.

    • chuck

      mmmmmmm tell me more!

      I rarely eat out anywhere. My wife and I will visit a small family owned Greek restaurant in our neighborhood once in a great while, but most meals are prepared at home.

      I have a problem with eating around other people anyway. Watching someone stuff their face with the gop they serve in most places brings out my antisocial side.

  • John Smithy

    I quit eating at McDonald’s because of all the GMO Garbage in their foods.
    Research whats in a McRib or in Chicken Nugget’s.
    We want “NON GMO” and “ORGANIC” food for our family!

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