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Jim Rogers on Ruble: Russian Central Bank Doing it Right

from RT:

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1 comment to Jim Rogers on Ruble: Russian Central Bank Doing it Right

  • tomche

    Doing it right? Perhaps.
    However, any currency in the publicly traded arena’s all risk the same fate: attack from the worlds reserve currency (the USD).
    Therefore, if they were REALLY serious, they would delist the Ruble from the FX and prevent the paper bandits from naked shorting their currency.
    I know this might seem too much for others to contemplate, but I suspect Putin is already in bed with the globalists, playing his role…seeming the victim of currency manipulation while all along in cahoots with these vipers, these scum…all the while knowing that he (personally) is assured of untold riches on the other side… AFTER he play’s his part in this sickening play… while billions are set up to die.
    Putin is no saint, and the NWO guys have a plan – at least a couple of hundred years in the making – and he wants to reap the wealth rather than stand up to the other criminals and potentially lose everything they have promised him. Let’s face it, that’s exactly what they are. Criminals. But by a wide margin, the worst the world has ever known… for they seek the death of a majority of the worlds population – for their own benefit.
    Just my thoughts this Christmas time. Sure wish I felt better about things..
    Come to think of it, It’s been a long time since I felt better about “next year”. How about any of you? When was the last time you felt that “next year” would be better…?
    Regardless, I wish all of you – and a special shout out to Sean of SGT (Great work,brother) – a very happy, loving holiday season.

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