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Is The U.S. Government Pushing WAR Between Police & The People?

from X22Report:

Episode 548

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4 comments to Is The U.S. Government Pushing WAR Between Police & The People?

  • Hondo Stalwart

    So, who pays msm salaries? who disseminates the aversion? … that thin blue line (police) theoretically assures a functioning democracy from anarchy … When a societies leadership is corrupt (rotten), the blue line obfuscates and rebellion reigns.

  • NaySayer

    The problem is maybe the two cops who died in new York were good ones. That is the problem when cops lump all citizens into “all blacks are bad” or some crazy violent guy seeking revenge decides that “all cops are bad”.

    What about that Solzhenitzen quote about standing up to the attack dogs of the elite? Is this a good thing in a sad way? They killed so they were killed? Does it send a message that they had better not kill indiscriminately anymore?

    It is hard to know. Would this crazy guy have targeted cops anyway if the staten island cops hadn’t decided selling loose cigarettes was a death penalty offense in a judge dredd world where they decide who lives or dies with no consequences for the bad officers??

    Welcome to the sad, violent and morally confusing world of a collapsing society.

    • Gnostic

      Solzhenitzen was correct, he said perhaps if they ambushed their oppressors & killed a few with any weapon they could find, they may think twice before they went to work wondering if they would be next. The Russians did not own guns as they were confiscated, the guns are a game changer, never, never give them up!

  • blounttruth

    Of course they are pitting officers against the people. They live by statistics, and statistically they know when they send officers in on no knock raids that the percentage is high that the home owner will use a firearm to protect his/her family. This will result in more officers shot, and in turn be used to show the officers that the citizens are the enemy. Else they would wait until the suspect was in his/her car, leaving work or home, grocery shopping, or any other method. If the warrants were legitimate then once in custody the police could search the home without concern of anyone being home, but instead the stealthy midnight raids while everyone is sleeping, this will certainly result in people protecting themselves with firearms, is there any other reason for this?

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