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Industrial Organization of Society

by Bill Allison, :

Of all the Anglo-American “Fourth Turning”s only one occurred concurrently with a major societal change. The “Fourth Turning” that occurred around the transition/evolution from the Agricultural organization of society to the Industrial organization of society (Industrial evolution) saw a major break with the predominate power structure of its time. Our entire American “Fourth Turning”s occurred under the Industrial organization of society which can be broadly characterized by large/economy of scale/mass (printing, education, democracy, employment, media, production, corporations, firms, government, one size fits all etc) and magnitude (more with more, predominate force, might over mind, Sumo over lean). Our current “Fourth Turning” appears to be concurrent with a transition/evolution/graduation out of the industrial organization of society and into a new or becoming Information organization of society which might be broadly characterized by miniaturization/micro (the opposite of large scale/mass,) and efficiency (more with less, mind over might).

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