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How to Avoid the Next Obama — Larry Pinkney

from corbettreport:

Larry Pinkney of joins us today to discuss how and why so many well-meaning Americans were bamboozled by Obama’s “hope and change” routine in 2008. We discuss the failed establishment left/right paradigm and how the misleaders of the left who rally their flock around the Democrat flag every election cycle, as well as how community activism can lift us out of the cycle of abuse inflicted on the people by the political machine.

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1 comment to How to Avoid the Next Obama — Larry Pinkney

  • f16hoser

    Jeb Bush will obviously be the next president. Sad but true. We live in a Dictatorship now. How many years of Bushes in Our house do we have to endure? The Dems offer-up Obama and more Clintons. We’re fucked either way… Rev 2.0 is the only answer now.

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