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House GOP struggling as shutdown deadline looms

from MSNBC:

Current funding for the federal government runs out a week from Thursday, just nine days from now, and it’s apparently up to House Republicans to avoid another government shutdown.

What could possibly go wrong?

The basic dynamic is pretty simple: the parties already agree on spending levels, but GOP lawmakers claim to be outraged by President Obama’s executive actions on immigration. A variety of congressional Republicans want to leverage a spending bill to undo the White House policy – a move that would guarantee that the government’s lights would go out on Dec. 11.

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4 comments to House GOP struggling as shutdown deadline looms

  • Kcuhc

    Lol! Not this again.

  • limacon

    Congress is losing respect .
    This has profound economic implications .

  • vicki riendl

    The lights will not go out, that’s just fear mongering. Our government has been shut down twenty times in recent history by both party’s. Congress has the power of the purse, that is their basic leverage and it was intended to be used. Our money is smoke and mirrors anyway, if they actually “shut of the lights” it would be political posturing.

  • William

    “The question Americans should be asking is not whether to raise the debt ceiling, but rather why the Federal Government, which is authorized by the Constitution to create and issue interest-free money, instead borrows that money at interest from a privately owned central bank, thereby plunging future generations into debt slavery to that bank? THAT is the real question Americans should be asking!”

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