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Here It Comes Seattle: “Stupidity Has A Price”

by Karl Denninger, SHTFPlan: Editor’s Note: Seattle recently implemented a minimum wage hike to $15 per hour. Proponents of the country’s most stringent wage requirements on businesses said that higher wages will be good for the people and the economy because when people make more money they’ll spend more. Sounds like a fairly sound argument, until you consider where that extra $5 per hour comes from. Politicians who favor forced mandates such as minimum wage increases without regards to mentioning how the bottom line of businesses in the city will be affected do their constituents a great disservice.

As Karl Denninger explains in the commentary below, businesses in the area just saw a massive increase in their labor costs (and let’s not even mention new Obamacare health insurance requirements and taxes). There are really just three possible solutions here:

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10 comments to Here It Comes Seattle: “Stupidity Has A Price”

  • Eric

    Here comes the next Detroit.

    Seattle, home of the star bucks five dollar hand job.

  • CalSailX

    Say tortious interference of contract three times real fast…

    Are the folks in Seattle such happy debt slaves that they will put up with this crap?

    • Ed_B

      Many of the “folks in Seattle” are displaced Californicators. They loved Kleptofornia so much that they left there only to come here… and create the same mess they left there to escape. Idiots. WA state is actually fairly conservative but Seattle is a nest of lefto-communism that taints the vote of the entire state by their sheer numbers. Before these idiots showed up, WA was similar to ID, NV, UT, WY, MT, etc. Now it is a blend of Kleptofornia and Illinois. 🙁

      • CalSailX

        I know how they feel… Northern Michigan is constantly trying to be dominated by the folk of Lansing and Detroit.

        Push comes to shove, first we ignore them…until then they get ugly… then we quietly smile, and then ask them would you like today to be your last day on earth?

        They are dealing with the most heavily armed population on the face of this planet… and they know it! From the stats you wouldn’t know it… “Gun’s kill people don’t they?”. Hell that fat douche Michael Moore haven’t slayed him yet! Hell maybe we are tolerant.

        I’m sure ending him has crossed more then a few minds… however the fat ass douche should remind the world that if anything we value freedom of speech for all.

        • CalSailX

          Northern Michigan can survive a almost a world ending event… if we have to rebuild we have almost everything we need. The worst thing for me in a reboot will be seeing single mothers dumped to the bottom of the heap, and having to “work” for the first time in their life or run to the FEMA camp and death to them and their childern.

          NOT that I should care… but pull on your big boy’s, and girl’s pant’s this coming shit will not be pretty!

  • JC

    I do business in Seattle and the result of this is that many businesses have decided to take their expansion plans across the Lake to Kirland, Bellevue and Redmond. This law hits the start up small businesses the hardest, but not the corporate giants like Amazon that now dominate the local economy. The point of this and other similar is to further destroy any potential competition to the corporate leech class by draining those of us in the middle class that are productive. This has been going on since the early 1900’s when the Carnegie, Rockefeller, Morgan clan killed our education system and shaped us to become the sheep we are today.

    • CalSailX

      JC… you nailed it! You even got most of the list of criminals got the fraud started! I’m proud of you… yup they didn’t fool everyone!

      Best of luck to you in this fight for survival we are facing!

      I hope the criminals know the power that controls this world really does have a sense of humor… that alone should scare the crap out of them!

      • JC

        Same to you CalSailX – I learned all about these things through and the series they did with John Taylor Gatto. It’s all in the books folks…you just have to read it to believe it. We are all Prussians now…

    • Ed_B

      Business people always respond to changes in their business environment. They HAVE to. In very simple terms, so my fellow Washingtonians in Seattle can follow the logic, a small business owner only has so much money to spend on labor. If that amount is, say, $100k, they can hire 5 people at $20k per year, 4 people at $25k per year, or 3 people at $33.3k per year. Making a new law does not add a single penny to the small business owners bank account. They still have the same $100k to spend on labor AFTER the new law comes in as they did before the new law came in. So, what to do? There are only 4 options here, so the small business owner can: 1) fire enough people so that the remaining one(s) can get their $15 an hour; 2) move to a new location that does not have this law; 3) pay all their employees the $15 and raise their prices to cover the cost; or 4) shut their business down. In the current tight economy, raising prices can and will kill a business as cash strapped customers seek cheaper alternatives, so this is not much of a choice. Moving may not be possible due to the costs associated with it. Shutting down the business is workable, in which case ALL of the employees lose their jobs. A mixture of #1 and #4 seem the most likely outcomes and this does not help the local economy at all. So, the economy gets trashed and the real mission is accomplished. Well done, idiots. Score another disaster to add to your long and growing list.

      • Sayldog

        #5 – make all employees part time (leaving their annual wages virtually unchanged while expanding individuals’ workload), taking them off company paid insurance (if company paid insurance to begin with), deferring raises for forever, eliminating any yearly or holiday bonuses, stop supplying uniforms/tools/etc, stop paying mileage reimbursement, etc.

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