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“Hell No”: Garner’s Wife Won’t Forgive as Protests Mount Over Choking Death

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

Tackled and ultimately choked to death by police, Eric Garner begged for air in his final moments. “I can’t breathe,” the 43 year old man stopped by police for selling “loose” untaxed cigarettes said repeatedly in his last words while alive.

The slogan was used on the streets by massive protests in New York following the grand jury decision not to indict NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo for his death, ruled a homicide by a coroner.

Ultimately, the rather clear case of excessive force and abuse of power by police – who were after Garner on a tax matter – will be mixed up in the larger national wave of increasingly racially divided politics.

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4 comments to “Hell No”: Garner’s Wife Won’t Forgive as Protests Mount Over Choking Death

  • dan

    If the forces deployed inside this country continue to ‘enforce’..with an iron fist…then the ‘guerrilla warfare ‘ in many of the oppressed will be let loose to deal with restoring freedom and liberty…..Semper Fi

  • Dunimir

    The Police in USA ought genetically test candidates for the police force. They seem to allow human mutants wear the uniform.

  • Blounttruth

    @ Dunimir
    They already do, it’s an entrance exam and they take the most thoughtless, closed minded first as they are the easiest to manipulate into thinking that they are superior to the public instead of employed by the public. I do have friends that are officers that are there to make the county a better place, and the local police where I live are professional at all times and not many incidents over the years to point fingers, so other areas might want to look here for a fix.

    For example, the local areas around the lake had a rash of people stealing catalytic converters off of trucks at the local boat ramps, so the sheriff had cruisers parked at the boat ramps to keep the thief’s guessing as to when an officer might stop by, this eliminated the local theft without having the cops interfere with daily activities of the public.

    At the local firing range the local police force have shooting competitions with the public called cops and robbers, it is a great way to get the officers and public together at an event everyone can enjoy.

    Even out of all the good ones here from time to time we have a few bad apples, but they usually are short lived locally and watching the daily abuses online I color myself lucky to be where I am, as I have not had a face to face issue with an officer like being pulled over in well over 8-10 years, and the less time I spend in that situation the less time I have to worry about getting shot by a rookie, robbed by a crooked cop, or worse. All in all the local cops here are what cops everywhere should aim to be.

    While I would like to see my sheriff join the oath keepers, or constitutional sheriff’s I must say he does a bang up job and I really have nothing negative to say for someone who is extremely critical of bad cops.

  • Ed_B

    While there are some bad cops out there a lot of the recent violence is a direct result from citizens abusing their fellow citizens and / or the cops. If we would have the police respect us, then we must respect them and the job that they are trying to do. Most of them will be worthy of that respect. The few who are not should be prosecuted and / or sued in civil court to correct their bad behavior.

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