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Have Gold and Silver Really Bottomed This Time?

by Lawrence Williams,

At the recent Mines & Money conference and exhibition In London there was a perhaps surprisingly upbeat feel given the poor performance of metals prices over the preceding two to three years.

While this optimistic mood seemed to apply to precious and base metals producers alike, as is the norm nowadays it was the gold companies which were looking for the biggest upside. Perhaps this was because those that can nowadays afford to participate in an event like this – it is expensive to exhibit and to attend – are those who are going to survive in the current price environment come what may. But perhaps even more prevalent was the perceived view that things were at last truly bumping along the bottom and that the only way forward was up.

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2 comments to Have Gold and Silver Really Bottomed This Time?

  • Frank Zak

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  • Frank Zak

    The 79 to 85 gold to silver ratio has bottomed the silver market 83%
    of the time in the last 40 years.

    On a Sunday night not long ago I mentioned we actually hit 79.06
    for a few minutes.

    Here’s the problem. Only once in the last 40 years did 79 ratio
    bottom the silver market. 80% of the time it bottomed between
    82 and 85 ratio after it hit 79.

    That means there is a 20% chance the ultimate bottom is in and
    an 80% chance we will go lower in silver. But, not much.
    Silver was at $14.15 in the night session when this happened.

    The killer numbers are 82 and 83 (which is very close to 79.)

    Over the next days and weeks watch to see if we can achieve these 2 numbers.

    At $1040 gold an 82 ratio would be $12.68, for example.

    (I have been mentioning $13 for 2 years here as appx.)

    There is only a 17% chance we will see $10. Gold went to 101 ratio
    only once in 40 years.

    Again, violent whipsaws are in order.

    Gold does not have to make new lows or even hit $1040
    for this to occur.

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