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Gerald Celente – Cody Underground Podcast

from trendsjournal:

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2 comments to Gerald Celente – Cody Underground Podcast

  • Harry

    Idiot Americans…soon will have a karma ‘spiritual experience’?

    U allow Obama and the reptiles to pretend they r a gov’t. U are out of it yanks, almost complete vegetables. Zombies, the walking dead wander around, and immigrants who are even more clueless…just like your Boss wants it! Goofs, u r cowardly and ignorant ?

    The country is being raped. The take over of the US gov’t has occured. By whom u ask? Go find out bozos!!!

  • Gnostic

    Harry, let me guess who has taken over the US……..the mooozlims, love that Menorah they put in DC.

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