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Fukushima News “Deadly strontium” — Up nearly 50,000,000% in recent months

from MissingSky101:

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5 comments to Fukushima News “Deadly strontium” — Up nearly 50,000,000% in recent months

  • CalSailX

    Damn it… the gift that just keeps on giving! Thanks G.E.


    Need to get a comment from “Gliter 1” ???

  • Ed_B

    Not a problem. All part of the plan to depopulate the Earth and save it for everything that doesn’t matter. Japan is merely a test case / lab experiment. If successful, this WILL be repeated elsewhere. 🙁

  • glitter 1

    Read this:

    Every person already has a level of 90Sr in their body,which came from the 50/60s nuclear detonations.It is still found today at varying levels of decay in all pastures,fields,streams,rivers,woodlands,etc.It is uptaked through the food chain(s)and can be measured by a Whole Body Counter to determine Body Burden of all radilnuclides as well as 90Sr.This is normal in the Nuclear Power Industry.All Nuclear Workers receive a Whole Body Count at the beginning of employment to establish a baseline Body Burden Record prior to exposure to the work environment.

    Hope this sheds a little light,don’t want to overload/overwhelm with too much information.

  • CalSailX

    Let me see you poison me, you treat me like a damn mushroom. Gee why don’t I cut off your head and shit down that stub of your neck.

    Well you have lots of money…and gee you’ll give me a bit while you decide how to off me once again.

    What would a man with half a brain do when confronted with death by psychopath?

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