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Fox News Talking Head: America Tortures Because “We’re Awesome”

Obama says shocking details in Senate report “belong in the past”

by Steve Watson, Infowars:

While Republicans are collectively outraged about the release of the Democrat driven Senate CIA torture report, Democrats themselves are clearly unprepared to use the report to take any repercussive action in its wake. All the American people are left with is the horrifying details of what was done by a secret arm of the government in their name.

Mainstream media coverage of the report has, predictably, devolved the issue into yet another political shouting match. No where was this more evident Tuesday than on Fox News programming, where one talking head slammed the move to release the torture report and bizarrely repeated the words “America is awesome” over and over again.

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2 comments to Fox News Talking Head: America Tortures Because “We’re Awesome”

  • f16hoser

    One more reason not to watch/listen to FOX News. I haven’t watched MSM in over 6 years.

  • Randy0302

    As a retired Marine I can tell you we once had a more honorable approach where torture was something that moral nations don’t do, EVER.
    McFarland is a moron with her “do no harm” line. Exposing what should be deemed illegal and immoral behavior by depraved leaders is only doing good for a nation and military that needs reassurance that we at least acknowledge our mistakes.
    If one more gov stooge says how those were such disparate times and we may attacked again any day I’m going to throw up.
    Let’s declassify 9/11 docs and really see who knew what when. Eventually Bush, Cheney, and Rumpsfeld will be brought to justice.
    Is the tide turning? The UN is calling for Charges? Have we had a power shift behind the scenes?

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