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Fact or Fiction?

by Bill Holter, Miles Franklin:

This past year was jam packed with news of all sorts. Some was surprising, some of it was expected, while other news seemed to either be another dot to connect or an outlier dot to be connected later. We even got news from time to time which even in today’s world could be considered bizarre or surreal. Suffice it to say, were we receiving the current news of today just 15 years back, the financial and social worlds would have been in outright panic. Not so today, the sheep are sound asleep even while a few well intending herders are sounding the alarm. The populace in general have become dumbed down, beaten down and barely able to read past whatever headline it happens to be for the day. Let’s call the condition “comfortably numb”…

I promised to write a “fictional” account of what my thoughts were “the day after” the financial lights go out. This effort could easily be expanded into a full book because the ramifications of the coming credit meltdown are so far reaching. The following is my opinion and as such, if you don’t agree with some of the possibilities I will provide, then please just smile, grin and bear it or just stop reading. Here goes…

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1 comment to Fact or Fiction?

  • JMiller

    Bill Holter’s story is more like fear mongering fiction. Sorry but the U. S. financial system is not going to collapse to the extent as some people imagine and it will not happen overnight.

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