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END GAME: U.S. Debt Surpasses $18 Trillion Dollars

from Fabian4Liberty:

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7 comments to END GAME: U.S. Debt Surpasses $18 Trillion Dollars

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    When they start printing $100 Trillion dollar bills, a-la Zimbabwe, you’ll know we are in the last minutes before collapse. We have a long way to go before they print one of them and a lot of adjustments to make before we cross that event horizon. The question is, do you control those adjustments or do you prefer that governments and bankers impose them upon you?
    What adjustments will be made to your lifestyle, liberties, and individual pursuits to happiness? is a question that needs reflection and you can bet your freedom that the bank-controlled government will be the only power left standing, a Fascist oligarchical thug, towering above the corpse of liberty, one great jackboot planted firmly on its neck. The Republican ideal of a country based on the rule of law, will have perished, unless there is a unified push to stop it. Shall we keep it or will we let it die?
    If the Swiss gold referendum results are anything to go by, our fate is sealed; the people will not only accept their fate through complacency, they’ll actually vote for it.
    We,re all slaves now.
    Enjoy your capitivity.

  • chris

    Yes. I predict that within a year we shall see the headline, “End Game: US Debt Surpasses $19 Trillion. ( I refuse to “dollar” twice… even when I am copying someone who does.)

  • Ed_B

    The current regime in DC has much to answer for in terms of the terrible damage done to the US Constitution and the country in general… the worst economy in 40 years not being least in all this.

    But, I don’t see anything magical in the $18T debt figure. Yes, it is a hideous number but it is unlikely to be as high as the US debt goes before the SHTF. While no one knows what amount that will be, it most likely will occur soon after people and governments stop loaning this profligate government any money. We are already seeing a lot of movement in that direction, with greatly reduced sales of US Treasury paper. Yes, that drek is still being sold but the number of buyers is diminishing rapidly, both foreign and domestic. If not for the Fed buying more than 70% of all UST paper and at the offered coupon rate, no less, the US Gov would have already collapsed financially. The Fed is allowing this to be stretched out for some years but they cannot prevent it from happening eventually. All they can do is buy some time, which they ARE doing.

    Personally, I appreciate the Fed’s efforts in this regard because it gives us all more time to prepare for the collapse. If we use this time to our advantage, it will serve us well with more gold and silver at cheaper prices, more food and water, and more of just about everything we need to survive. But we need to accept this gift of time and use it wisely. If we do not, then we are no better than the oblivious sheeple out there. In fact, we would be worse because we know that the S is going to HTF and the sheeple do not. As the computer programmer in Jurassic Park said, “Hang onto your butts!”.

  • Suzanne

    18 trillion? Really? From what some analysts have said, the real “debt” is several times that amount.
    WE THE PEOPLE do now owe this debt… it is all interest-leveraged bullcrap invented out of thin air by the private bankers running the Fed.

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