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Ebola, We Hardly Knew You: 3 Lessons from the Hysteria

from Who What Why:

Ebola slipped from interrupting regular programming status almost as fast as it surfaced in a frenzy of hysterical reporting about Americans who might die from it.

Yet the largest outbreak in history isn’t off the radar in its West African epicenter, where it has killed nearly 7,000 people. Sierra Leone’s government canceled Christmas, elections are steaming ahead in Liberia despite the disease and the World Bank is predicting that the economic cost could rise to as much as $32.6 billion.

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3 comments to Ebola, We Hardly Knew You: 3 Lessons from the Hysteria

  • NEO

    It will be back in the new year. They just stopped talking about it to not scare off the holiday shoppers. Once they get their cash, the fear mongering and intentional spreading of this “disease” will be back.

  • The Truth

    Exactly NEO. They just pull what they want out of the news. I hate when people just write stuff for ad-clicks which make no darn sense at all. There are still people dying in west Africa from this disease. Not because it is not news in America means it is not news somewhere else. We may hear that the plague has “spread during Christmas shopping”..

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