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Does “The Land of the Free” Have Any Rational Meaning?

by Paul Rosenberg, Casey Research:

I once knew a man who was a deacon in the Catholic Church. During certain ceremonies, his job was to raise his hand in a gesture of blessing over a church member and say some Latin words. The problem was, this guy had become a fairly serious atheist. So, instead of the prescribed Latin blessing, he would say the Latin words for “can’t help you, can’t hurt you.” No one noticed, not even the priests.

I feel like I’m watching something similar when I see the beginning of a sporting event and hear thousands of people singing “the land of the free” as a benediction over themselves. They don’t assimilate the words that their mouths are forming; they may as well be singing Latin.

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2 comments to Does “The Land of the Free” Have Any Rational Meaning?

  • Ed_B

    “Does “The Land of the Free” Have Any Rational Meaning?”

    Yes, it does. This is the land wherein those who do not work to earn their living are provided free unearned benefits by those who do. As the number of slackers increases and the number of providers decrease, due to John Galt actions on their parts), the system becomes unstable and unsustainable. Since the gutless politicians cannot fathom any changes that would repair and replace this system, collapse is the only possible outcome. All we are discussing now is when, not if.

  • sam

    The object is to get us to believe we are free. Of course, the USSA has been communist for many years now and we meet all 10 planks of communism. Google it for yourselves.

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