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Despite Rock Bottom Prices Gold Exports Are Soaring

by Joshua Krause, The Daily Sheeple:

Most financial analysts have correctly observed that the price of gold has a direct correlation to the value of our money. Ever since the United States removed the gold standard, the precious metal has ceased to anchor the value of the dollar, and instead has become a safe haven asset for those who don’t trust a fiat currency that is backed by nothing. Thus, even though the United States has been off the gold standard for decades, the demand for gold still effects the price of the dollar, and vice-versa.

While these numbers don’t always perfectly correlate, it’s safe to assume that when demand for the dollar is high, people aren’t going to view their gold as a safe haven anymore. Many of these investors feel that the danger has passed, and good times are ahead for our economy.

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1 comment to Despite Rock Bottom Prices Gold Exports Are Soaring

  • Ed_B

    “Despite Rock Bottom Prices Gold Exports Are Soaring”

    Despite? HA HA!! The best time to buy something is when it is ON SALE, right? So low prices SHOULD mean more buying. 🙂

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