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BUSTED: Luciferian Website Linked to the UN, Promoting the Antichrist as Lord

from LisaHaven:

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3 comments to BUSTED: Luciferian Website Linked to the UN, Promoting the Antichrist as Lord

  • Sam

    Lisa has unearthed some truly unholy brainwashing information here, sadly, many already are deceived.

  • Rob

    This is very old news actually.

    They have been with U.N since the start.

    Glad to see the word is spreading thanks to people like Lisa,SGT and countless others that the lamestream cannot cover due to the chains around their neck.

    Evil has been granted time to run the planet and that time is running out.That is why the whole surreal drama,smoke,mirrors,killing,false flags,lies,murder,greed,porn and everything else is ramping up.

    Satan,the devil,lucifer what ever you want to call this extreme negativity is real,
    the people that practice it are aware of it whether, the mass population is or not. it does not matter if you believe it or not.

    Stay positive,believe in yourself,what is right.Even our dog friends know the difference between right and wrong.
    Yes it is a very sick planet and I assure you the UN,NATO,IMF,Banking system,federal reserve,police state,others are not out to help the people like you and me.

    stay positive and bust evil into the scummy ditch it belongs.”They” are fighting you for control of the planet, you and your children.There are those that will fight back and those that will lick boots among other things.

    We readers of SGT realize this.
    Thanks Sgt

    • Sayldog

      Ephesians 6:12
      For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

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